Quality Policy

We have decided that, in our case, taking care of quality will be something more than just a catchy advertising slogan. That is why, from the very beginning of our business activity, we are introducing control instruments for all the processes implemented in our company.

Comprehensive recognition

of the needs our current and potential customers

Implementation of new

professional and competitive products in cooperation with suppliers

Guarantee all customers

products with high quality, competitive prices and timely delivery

Management responsibility

for quality management


of all employees in matters of quality policy.

Systematically improving

the professional qualifications of all employees


of the economic and financial impact

Constant development

of sales markets, including exports
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Quality Policy

Furthermore, we are constantly looking for new solutions which would help us to be a better partner for our clients. Although we are satisfied with our progress we would not want to content ourself with what we have done until now. To improve our performance we developed the every two week quality control system related to processes performed by of each our employee, including the management. Additionally, on a daily basis we use 3-level control system over all of our products: first one during the production, second one after finishing the batch and the last one just before the delivery. The monthly control reports tell us what we have to improve and are the base for further action plans.
The final goal of all these activities is the trust our Clients put in us – that is most important.