Household recycling bins

For many years we have been interested in ecology and this interest has found expression in two areas. First, we reorganized our production processes, which means that we are currently recycling 100% of defective products, reducing environmental pollution.
We have also modernized our industrial water system and it works in a closed cycle. We are continually modernizing our machine park, placing great emphasis on the energy efficiency of new devices.


The dustbin consist of three turning containers, 11.7 liters of capacity each, keeping the external dimensions of entire bin on very satisfying level (height: 38 cm, diameter: 44 cm, total capacity: 35 liters)


Practical cover – permanently fixed, without need of raising, eliminates the risk of exuding unpleasant odors from organic waste.


Case / rack for empty glass containers recycling. Forget about falling over empty bottlers and jars and save place, obtain more space in the kitchen. Dimensions: 37,5 cm x 10 cm x 49,5 cm.


One day we realised that segregation of rubbish at home conditions is problematic – it is difficult to find the right containers, and when we find one, it is rarely a decoration of our kitchen. Therefore in 2012 we established the SmartECO brand, which became the answer to our own problems. We have designded and manufactured rotating recicling bins that makes living in an ecological household easier by connecting the ecology and economy together. In other words, we want to make waste segregation as cheap as possible and an eco-house a solution for everyone. Learn more details of our unique rotating recycling bins Ecobin and Ecobin+ and Ecorack – case for empty glass containers recycling.

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